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  • wwdiary - version 6.1.3 posted to Android Market
    • This update contains fixes for 3 issues:
      - Fix for font size. If the font is now too large or too small, you can change it in settings.
      - Fix for odd behavior with the day when trying to enter foods for "today".
      - Fix for weight format syntax error in some locales.

      UPDATE: 6.1.3 contains some fixes for force close problems that have been reported.
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  • wwdiary - version 6.1.0 posted to Android Market
    • Tons of performance and ui updates including:
      • Just like most of Google's apps (like reader), swipe the entire pointlog left and right to change days. Date change buttons have been removed.
      • Tapping date in pointlog will now launch a date picker to easily jump to a specific date. As always, longpressing the date will return to "today".
      • New, thinner handwriting font to choose from in settings ("Loved by the King"). Let me know what you think!
        For non-English languages, this new font should display much better than the old one ("Snake")
      • Massive performance improvements when adding foods and recalculating bonus point usage.
      • New action bar, starting to support features in the new version of android for phones and tablets.
        Note: you can reverse the order of the actions in the action bar in settings.
      • Hardware acceleration turned on for Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich devices.
      • Removed asking for a permission (read phone state) that I was not using anymore.
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  • wwdiary - version 5.2.3 AND 6.0.1 posted to Android Market
    • This marks a shift in my current support structure for wwdiary on older android devices.

      I've spaced out the version numbers a bit, as I plan on supporting devices running Android 1.5-2.1 (v5.2.2) for a while. However I will not be adding any new features to the app for those versions (managing back compat is becoming too much for just me)

      Support and new features for devices running Android 2.2 and higher will start with version 6.0.0 of the app. As a result, and to reduce confusion, I will no longer be posting links to the APKs here in the blog posts. However, if someone has a need for them, I will continue to host them and provide links when requested.

      These versions include:
      • Fix for weird preferences display on honeycomb and higher.
      • Fix for missing tablet menu button on honeycomb and higher.
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  • wwdiary - version 5.2.1 posted to Android Market
    • Online subscriptions have been enabled for everyone! Users setting up sync should make sure that they at least have this version. If the market is not showing an upgrade, you can use the link below to install it on your device.

      Here's a link to the apk:
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