Forum account registration has been disabled for now due to large spammer volume. Please email me if you would like an account on the forum to chat with others or to set up a sync subscription.
  • WWDiary subscriptions are now public
    • The time has come! I'm opening subscriptions to anyone who wants one!

      To get started:
      Log into the forum using a computer (easier than using your phone) and click the "Manage my subscription" link here:

      There will be some instructions on that page. Please follow them carefully.

      After you've subscribed, and the forum has gotten confirmation from PayPal, you'll have access to the features in the "WWDiary" link. You can use the above, or the one in your user profile here:

      Current subscription-only features include:
      • Multi-device and forum sync.
      • Weight-loss progress chart in your forum profile.
      • Edit, add, and delete weight-log entries from the forum, have changes sync to your phone.
      • Simple device changing, no more swapping sdcards, simply sync the data down to your new device!
      • Search for food and nutrition information online by scanning a barcode!
      • More to come! Support WWDiary development and subscribe today!

      WWDiary will always be a free android app in the android market, though new features will be added for hose who subscribe.
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  • WWDiary is 2 years old this month!
    • It's pretty crazy... but in November 2009, I started working on WWDiary.

      It's come a long way since then and has helped a lot of people. I've been very happy to read some of the fantastic success stories emailed to me by satisfied users of the app.

      Some of the most memorable are:
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  • WWDiary is now on Google+
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  • wwdiary - version 5.1.5 posted to Android Market
    • Online Sync Subscriptions are currently in closed testing for early adopters. If you would like to participate, leave a comment here and I'll contact you.

      Subscriptions will be available more generally after a (hopefully) brief round of stress tests.

      Some features currently availble to subscribers:
      • Multi device sync: Have wwdiary on 2 or more devices and see updates synchronized between them.
      • Online weight graphs that update with new information as soon as it is synced.
      • Easy device migration: Change phones and sync your new data down without messing around with sdcards.

      The base app as you've always used it will always be free, but subscribers will gain access to new tools and features as they are implemented. They will also be helping support the development of those features by maintaining a subscription.

      Charging a fee for subscriptions will help pay the cost of server hosting and data management. Very commonly requested features like barcode point lookup, searching, and online editing of wwdiary data are all planned features that cannot be done without cost to me for infrastructure and licensing.

      Thanks for your support and please let me know if you'd like to be an early adopter!
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