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Point calculation formulas
  • tessler65btessler65b
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    Just a note: Under PointsPlus, there are no fractional PointsPlus values. Everything is rounded up or down to the next whole number.
  • I love this app. Its so much better than using the paper tracker. And now that it calculates the new point system it is even more invaluable. I told my ww meeting about it today and I got poo pooed by the leader cause its not licensed by ww but I don't care I can't live without it!
  • The daily points number isn't updating on my Moment.
  • ddumontddumont
    @OneFollowingHim Can you please start a new post in the support category and include more details on what is not working? What you did and what was the expected result and what actually happened.
  • When I downloaded the update, I was getting an error message about calories. I deleted the app and reinstalled and it fixed the problem. A little extreme, I guess but I really wanted the app! I was really lost without it since I use my phone for everything. Great app and, Dan, you're awesome.
  • ddumontddumont
    @Eckley60 Thanks! But I don't think a reinstall was necessary, though it definitely would fix the issue.
  • @chrishel - You are correct. When I went to my meeting what I expected was the quiz they started with the Momentum program (I think). Instead when I weighed in the DPA was printed on my weigh-in sticker. When I first signed into e-tools a day or so after they introduced the new program in the US, it actually showed the info it was based on but not the formula. I don't know how much of the supporting info you can change in e-tools in order to reverse engineer the formula.

    My meeting had some really decent info put out. I guess part of it is our leader has been prepping us for this for more than a month now. People in my meeting actually were happy to see the slider go away. My wife (who God bless her is doing this with me) & I purchased the better kit which included a cookbook, case, and calculator above what is in the basic kit. We also purchased an extra calculator so my wife could have a calculator in the kitchen as well as in her purse while @ the store. Thanks to WWDiary I don't need the calculator :-)

    I hadn't thought to use the calculator to try and reverse engineer the activity points or the DPA but I guess it should be possible. My wife was setting up one of the calculators late last night and she had to put in age/sex/height/weight etc. so I guess that would be easier to use for reverse engineering the formulas rather than trying to tweak my e-tools.
  • @bizcomputing Are you able to reverse engineer the DPA with the calculator?

    I tried switching things with e-tools but since it's linked to my account with my CC and other information there is no way to change my gender, birth date, etc. to see if I could reverse engineer it.

    I reverse engineered the PP formula by using the e-tools widget. Of course, there are things like wine that are only 1 point if you use the widget and 3-4 points if you look them up in the book. I can see major cheating going on there!

    I'm sad that the formula is very complicated because I used to be able to calculate points on the fly in the grocery store in my head to determine which to purchase. But based on what I've eaten the past week, I don't see anywhere where PP are less that Points besides the new zero items. The ratio between the two average about 1.25 to 1.5 (depending what I ate that day) so maybe an estimate of 1.3 x Points is reasonable for PP. I'll have to plug it in to my spreadsheet and track a few more weeks to figure that out.
  • Using 1.3xPoints for the one week of data that I have gives a pretty good estimate over the whole day. It even took into account the wine (4 points) whereas I had to override the spreadsheet using the PP calculation. Total daily, I was 1 point or less (I count by the tenths) over the PP calculation. Fruit/vegetables/condiments/etc. is also at zero.

    The estimate is always over the actual calculation (which I prefer).

    I was over my old Points allowance by 1-4 points per day (and close to my PP DPA), so there's no concerns about not meeting my daily metabolism requirements as per the old system.
  • Hey gang new to the forum. I started WW today using the WWDiary and using the points calculator with this app have found the following. Using the points calculator adds points to the WW food i.e. WW Strawberry Smoothie Bar is marked 1 point on box, but calculates to 2 points with points calculator. So while it appears you may gain more points it will not be a big as jump as it first seems. I have done WW before with a lot of success but am open to all comments as to how this new points system is really going to play out.
  • ddumontddumont
    @chrishel I am working on a DPA calculator. I believe I have found information on exactly how they are calculated.
  • @gary3x7 You may have an old box with the points on it. The old boxes have Points in a circlular logo (I think it's green and yellow). The new PointPlus are in a blue diamond shape. All WW users will have to be careful in the interim while everyone is switching printing over to the new PointPlus system. Both points systems are not interchangeable.
  • @chrisel, thank you for the response but by using the formula on wwdiary it calculates the new points based on fat,carbs, fiber and protein. So based on that while I should have gained 12 more points a day I actually only gain 3 using that formula to refigure the points. Please I will be the first I am making a mistake so let me know!
  • I dont think WW is going to trash all the old food and I went out and bought Smart Ones thinking I could eat more when in reality its not true, so I have a weeks worth of food that is really two weeks worth and the same old hunger headache I got the last time I tried this........... think I am in big trouble out the gate already...............
  • Does anyone know how many points a shot (1.5 oz.) of bourbon is under the new Points Plus plan? When you look up bourbon nutritional info ... it is just 100 calories per shot, no fat, carbs, fiber, or protein. That doesn't work with the new formula. For now, I will use my old score of 2 points per shot.

    BTW - I have been updating my favorites to the new Points Plus system. I had a "WOW!" moment when my 1 point WW popcorn snack on the old point system turned into 3 points on the new one!
  • @gary3x7 Sorry, I misread your first entry! I can sympathize.

    @elidholm99 1 oz of Bourbon is 3 PP from e-tools.

    White wine is 3, Red wine is 4, 1 1/2 oz of scotch is 4,
    Liquor (brandy, gin, rum, scotch, tequila, vodka, whiskey) "1 jigger" is 4
    Margaritas are 9

    Alcohol throws the points formula for a loop. Using values from CalorieKing, a glass of wine was 2.5 on Points, is now 0.6 on PP, and is really 4 according to the WW books.

    Sugar-free foods with sugar alcohols are also affected but I don't know how as I haven't come across any that have entries in e-tools.

    I wonder how the processed, convenience foods will change now. My Fiber One bars that were one point are now 3 also. Hardly seems worth it anymore. It's actually very hard to fine 1 PP foods that seem like they are worth eating. You have fruits and veggies (0 PP) and 2 PP "snacks".
  • @chrishel No, sorry, I have the calculator but so far this week has been hectic busy and I've not had the chance to push #'s into it to guesstimate the formula.
  • I think I will go back to the old formula for a while...

    I don't know what my daily points should be anymore....I don't know what my activity points should be (I go to the gym 3 times per week and get 11 points per visit - old system).

    I think/hope this will all clear up in a few weeks.
  • @chrishel I had the chance to mess with the calculator a little last night. I'm unable to make any formulaic guesses at this time. With how slow the setup is for calculating DPA it's going to take a bit of time to get anything out of it. It asks for age, sex, height, weight, and the stage of the program you are in. I do know the lower age limit is 17.
  • ddumontddumont
    @bizcomputing stay tuned. I have a formula that works the same as the handheld calculators they sell... Interestingly enough their online tools do not match their calculators perfectly, there are some areas where there are minor 1 point variations.

    Anyway, the calc that I put out will include an adjustment field to be used for maintenance, nursing mothers, or whatever your ww leader adjusts your DPA for.

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