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New Pro Points program at Weight Watchers
  • ddumontddumont
    I'm currently working on changes to the calculator to allow you to enter in the required values for the new calculation.
    Because WW have not posted the exact formula used, the one in the app will be a best-guess formula. You will have the option of using your own custom formula if the included one does not meet your needs.
  • I am using the new WW points plus..but your appl still is the best way to track. Is there an expected timeframe for your application to have an update for the points plus calculator? Or do you know of another appl? I know the WW points plus plan was used in the UK for the past 5 years.
  • I too found this to be the best app on the Android market. I hope the calculator is updated soon.
  • I tried out the point allowance calculator, but points calculated were different (lower) than what was suggested at WW for points plus. So, I then used the manual entry point allowance option, entered the WW suggested point total, and saved. Unfortunately, the manual entry did not show up in the daily menu entry page. The old calculation is still there. Fyi. Love the app.
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