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WWDiary: New DPA Calculator
  • I'm hoping this hasn't been asked already but I recently read an article that discussed how the daily points allowance is calculated and I used their formula and it gave me a daily total of 24 points, whereas your calculator gives me a total of 29. I have to admit, I'm not involved in the actual WW's plan, so I'm using your app w/o a lot of knowledge. Can you please give me some direction as to where you got your formula and whether I should be concerned about the discrepancy in points? Here's a link to the article I read. Thanks!
  • ddumontddumont
    @cdgo77 I'm not sure about their information there. WW has not released anything like the point quiz that they show to my knowledge. Even if that system does work for most people, they forgot to include the minimum and maximum allowed points on the plan.

    No one is allowed to go under 29 points, which is why my app gives you 29. There is an article that goes over all the WW formulas that exist on wikipedia. Also, several of my users who are WW meeting leaders have at least confirmed the min/max part.
  • @ddumont That's such a relief cuz I think I'd starve and totally fail on this plan if I had to go down to 24 pts! LOL Thank you so much for the rapid response! ;-)
  • ddumontddumont
    np :)
  • I had a similar problem. I'm not going to any WW meetings so I'm confused about the calculating of my daily allowance points. If I use the DPA calculator on this great app, I am allowed 43 points, which seems high, but it is what it is. If I use the formula that cdgo77's link above mentions I am allowed 32 points. That's quite a difference. I will try the 32 for now and see how that goes.

    I was confused about one part of the app's DPA calculator, what do I enter for the section that reads "Adjustment"? Maybe that is why I'm getting a different number, I'm not sure.

    Also, doesn't that points allowed number have to take into account how much you want to lose, and how fast? Is the number given a number that will help me maintain my current weight, or to help me to lose weight?
  • ddumontddumont
    Number at the top should have you lose weight.

    I have confirmed my DPA calculation against the WW tools. If the link above is giving you 32, then it is wrong. Points are higher under the new system. I know mine(52) are much more than they used to be(36). Food is also worth more points, so it eats it up faster. Adjustments are mainly for switching to maintenance and if you are breast feeding.
  • ok. I will bump up my points and see how it goes for awhile and adjust from there. thanks.
  • I thought my DPA calculation was wrong gave me 71 pts, whats your take on that? Also do you have a good site where I can go to get a good food list for the ww points plus system?
  • ddumontddumont
    @EbonyBigBoy I believe 71 is close to or is the max allowed for male. It's based alot on how much you weigh and how old or young you are. This value will decrease as you lose weight.

    I really would suggest that you attempt to attend (at the very least a few) WW meetings so that you can become accustomed with the system.
  • can you double check this for me, I am 44yrs old, I weigh 370lbs, and I pretty much sit all day on my job....thanks
  • ddumontddumont
    How tall?
  • what did you find out about the 44yrs old, 370lbs, sitting all day, 6ft tall, on the daily points allowance?
  • ddumontddumont
    @EbonyBigBoy I get 71. I'm nearly positive that's accurate.
    You can check the formula over at the wikipedia page for weight watchers.

    Maybe someone with a WW e-tools subscription can confirm.
  • I will be going to my first WW meeting tomorrow night, but I just thought that 71 points was very high since some of the average daily allowances are between 36-42 for more overweight people.
  • ddumontddumont
    Mine was 36 on the old system, it's now 52.

    Where are you getting these averages from?
  • Do you even still monitor this forum? lol
    So I'm old school WW circa 2001 - back in the beginning there was NOT a 5g cap on Fiber.
    I just downloaded your app and am going through your step-by-step to set it up to the old program. Here's what I'm thinking...
    Your instructions say: round((calories/50) + (fat/12) - (min(fiber, 4)/5))
    Can I just (fiber/5) to get the no cap result I want? Does that make sense?
  • ddumontddumont
    @shielalee I think that would do what you want. But keep in mind the formula may have been different in other ways back then.
  • jam1956jam1956
    What's the formula to calculate the new point system? Thanks in advance for your help.

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