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Water, veggie-fruit, fat and milk method of tracking
  • I like almost everything about the way the diary tracks. I've used it for about one week now. But unless I'm missing something, it appears that the only way you can check off veggies, fruits, waters, fats and dairy is that it has to be checked at the very time you enter a food item and its points. This seems odd at best. Esp for water. Why not make this function independent of the diary entry? Simply allow one to check off each fruit, veg, dairy, fat and water as they are used? (I'd also change the icons on the oil and water and the dairy. It seems odd to have a hunk of cheese representing "dairy" and the icons for the oil and water look almost identical.)
  • ddumontddumont
    I take your point on water... though... soup can have a fair bit of water in it.
    The main point was that for dairy, oil, lean meats... etc.. They are usually attributes of a food you eat and would otherwise have to track. To keep things simple with development, they were all tied as attributes to food items so that they could be tracked with the foods you eat every day. One way to do this easily for water is to make a 0 point food item called "Water" and track it by adding servings of it.

    Cheese is dairy :) Water has a water bottle icon while the oil is in some kind of serving pitcher. I dunno, I'm not a graphic artist, so I get by with things I can find online that have free licenses.

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