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Food Search
  • Hi, new here.
    Just a quick question is there a food search option. Not all the food has a barcode or nutrional info on. For example bread from the bakery.
    Any support would be good. Thanks
  • i for sure would love points for bakery bread , it would be great
  • In cases such as these what I tend to do is search up the points. I used to use Wolfram Alpha but it seems that they've moved some of the features I used to use to their "Pro" service, so Google something like "calories in baguette" would bring something up, and if there's a particular shop you can append that to the search and see if it comes up. Calorie Count (, Spark People, etc. are resources when the database doesn't have the answer. Tracking at all will help whether or not you're off by a point or two in either direction - just knowing what you're eating is a big deal.

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