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im trying to figure this out
  • I downloaded the app. Then subscribed. Tried to use the bar code thing for the food. But I'm still having to put in all the info. Am I doing something wrong
  • No. The database is built by the users. Once you put something in, it becomes part of the database and then available to all subscribers. I know it may seem at first that nothing is in the database (I felt that way too) but sooner or later things will pop up. I'm not sure how many subscribers there actually are.
  • so if im right to be able to use all members info you have to pay?
  • ddumontddumont
    Yes. Otherwise, you build the database of foods that you commonly eat manually.
  • Hi. Are the subscribers world wide as I am based in the UK and don't need to know how many points food is in the US etc. Cheers.
  • Im trying to figure out the app. what do I need to subscribe to?
  • ddumontddumont
    @Beckyohh47 the basic app requires no subscription. Barcode scanning and multi device sync require it. And you just need to subscribe to the site here and then add a wwdiary account on your phone using your forum credentials.

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