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Barcode Scanner Issues
  • I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from AT&T. All of my other apps that utlize barcode scanning (whether it be QRC, UPC, or DM) all utilize my AT&T Code Scanner App (of course I had to pick it as the default app on the first use), but, when I click in WWDiary to scan a barcode and the "Complete Action Using..." window comes up, my only choices are 1) the Target Cartwheel app, 2) the CircleK app, or, 3) the Rita's Italian Ice app. Very strange, huh? LOL

    1. Why is is not recognizing my scanner app?
    2. Which app should I use/do you recommend for barcode scanning within the WWDiary app?

  • ddumontddumont
    I usually use Google goggles. After installing you have to open it once to get through the tutorial, but after that it will scan everything for the app.

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