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Still a time zone problem after all this time
  • I just got off a plane from Tucson to Dallas. When my phone picked up the local network after I shut off airplane mode, all the entries I had made the last four days went haywire. Several entries from yesterday moved to today, screwing up my point calculations.

    I wrote about this several years ago and I'm a little surprised now that I'm back on Android that it's still an issue. Why do entries have Times associated with them and why are they recalculated based on the system clock? Makes no sense. Date, sure, but time, no.
  • ddumontddumont
    Did you enter any items on a day which was not the current day?

    Times aren't recalculated. They are shown based on your current time, because that's when they happened. With the exception of entries entered on another day, because there is no real time I can use so I make one up. That's probably the issue, bit would like to confirm.

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