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  • I'm incredibly new to both Weight Watchers and this app. If I'm understanding the guideline correctly, fruit and vegetables are worth 0 points. Is this correct. When I entered the nutritional information for the blueberries I at this morning into the app, it came back as 3 points. Should I just manually fix this - like change the calculator to multiply by 0? Or is there an easier way to add specific fruits/veggies. I'd still like to see the blueberries (and any other fruit and veggies) in my food diary, but I certainly don't want them to add points if they aren't worth any :)
  • ddumontddumont
    Yes according to the new plan, fruits and veg are 0 points and can be manually overridden. I wouldn't use the calculator for these, just fill in 0 for the points.

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