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Transfer/Sync Database from Smartphone to forum
  • Hello dudes,

    I have a rather big database on my smartphone, but I didn't use the forum until now, so the database is only on my smartphone. I want to transfer/sync this database with this site and more important I want this database to be saved like a backup. How can i do this?
    I know its possible on the SD card but I want it to be saved here ... or if it its possible to save it on my PC, please let me know how...
    I want a backup just in case my phone is stolen or my SD card broken.

    Thank you for your help! ^^
  • ddumontddumont
    Always back up your data first :)
    And then you can get a subscription ($1/mo) through the forum here. After you set it up, log in to your phone with your wwdiary account username/pw and set up the sync.

    There's a video on the subscription page that walks through the process.

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