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  • As I wrote activities to my wwdiary I made writing mistakes. I did not find s way to korrekt them. Now I have different entries for the same subject. Is there any way for correction?
    do you plan to import activities made by a tracker (fitbit)
    when the year in the date of a forum entry is missing, does it mean that it is actualy from this year?
  • ddumontddumont
    3. Yes but, I think the year is stripped off all of the dates, I do have a task to go and fix that...

    2. I do not have any plans, but it has been a request I've heard a few times. If I get some time I'll look into the api.

    1. You can longpress on an entry to get a menu to delete it.
  • ddumontddumont
    @juttas In case you didn't get the reply notification.
  • Thank you for the answer, but I did not meen to delete an entry. For example: I wrote Kamikaze instead of Kamibo. Of course I can delete this entry , but when I want to write a new activity this wrong kamikaze will ne still there beside Kamibo
  • ddumontddumont
    If you change all entries that used the old value the database will clean up the unused description over time.
  • I second the request for sync with Fitbit. I have the Aria scale, and I'd love to be able to sync so it pulls my weight in.
  • Would love to have syncing with Fitbit and Withings. This app has the potential to be the best WW app available, and the integration with Fitbit and other apps would propel it far and fast.

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