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Changes to WW system
  • Hello,

    I see that this thread is pretty old :/ hope somebody can help me out!

    I am just getting back to WW and wwdiary(love this app and it helped me lose over 40lbs last time!)

    Does anybody know how to figure out the daily point allowance for SmartPoints? Or can I be pointed towards a thread? I have tried the calc on the app and it states my PP dpa still.

    I am still getting myself into the "ready" position to start with smartpoints, so please link me to anything that might help?

    Thank you!
  • ddumontddumont
    @deemanota, check the link in the post above yours.

    It helps if you're on your phone, because once you go to that page you can select the formula on the post, copy, and paste it into the app where it needs to go.

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