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AP calculator
  • Hello, and thank you so much for this app. On the go people like myself really do appreciate it. I was wondering, how else can I calculate my activity points? I slowly, grudgingly, changed over to the points plus system and after the first few weeks I have gotten really used to it, especially since I frequently add items to my favorites list. (this makes putting in food values a quick 30-40 second task!) . I know that you said not to use the AP calculator for the new system, but do you know when you will have it working if at all? Thank you so much in advance!
  • ddumontddumont
    Not sure... As soon as I can find some solid info on it I will release an update for it
  • I second the comments of Babygirl - great app. It will be better yet when you implement the PP activity points calculation and CSV export of the database.

    I've done some work on calculating AP's that you may find useful. Using the formula:

    AP = halfround(weight_in_kg * minutes_exercised * factor / 100)

    I've calculated factors for low, moderate, and high activity exercise that will duplicate the AP table I found in my wife's "PP Pocket Guide for Lifetime Members". Not sure if this is solid enough for you, but if you wish you can download the Excel file of my calculations at: Activity Points.xls

    For those that don't want to go there, the factors are:
    low = 0.07281
    mod = 0.10164
    high = 0.25460
  • ddumontddumont
    @cafsam Excellent! thank you :)

    I'll start working on getting that in there. What is halfround?
  • Sorry, halfround was my shorthand for using half rounding (.5 or greater, round up; less than .5, round down). In Excel, the function is =round(number,0)

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