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Food database
  • Hello,
    as the new WW Smartpoints started I lost all info for Propoints from my WW subscription, I use the Netherlands website. I am not too sure I want to continue with this new WW philosophy so I checked other ways to use propoints and found this app which is great! The only thing missing, at least for me, is a list of PP for all the basic foods. I read similar questions in the forum but don't understand if at today there's anyway to at least upload something into the app. I have some Excel spreadsheets with foods and PP... is there any way I could upload them in the App? Or is there any other way? The idea of inserting manually everything is an awful thought in terms of time wasting :/
    Thanks a lot!
  • ddumontddumont
    If you have an excel sheet with the foods and the pp values you want send it over to me and I'll try to set you up a database you can restore to. This will be easier since you have no prior history to preserve.
  • Since there is an SD card backed up db as part of the device, it must contain favorites. Can you please give us the file name and format so us users can populate it with an entire list of fgoods?
  • ddumontddumont
    @mh391cr51 I'm afraid it's not that simple. However, yeah, the file that you back up is an sqlite database. The favorites table must have a reference from the food log or it will be cleaned up, so keep that in mind.

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