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Restart subscription
  • How do you restart a subscription? I had cancelled mine over a year ago but don't see anywhere to restart the payments and signup?
  • ddumontddumont
    Administrator Do you see a subscribe button there?
  • I just re-subscribed after a year or so too. I am having sync issues (I seem to remember i had this trouble last time as well.....user error :-( )
    Anyhow, When it does sync I get the options " Replace all remote data with the data on this device" and the opposite. I don't seem to get the local data option to come up. I have no idea whether my previous years of data is somewhere or gone for ever but it would be fabulous to be able to sync with the local one. If you have any idea, I would really appreciate your help :-)
  • ddumontddumont
    @sofawoman I see only 1 weightlog entry for you. You might have tried the wrong option and messed up your old data... hmm...

    Do you have your old phone by any chance?

    When did you last have a subscription? I can check my backups.
  • Hello again. So i have tried periodically to re-sync to get my old info but i can't. I did however find my old Droid with all my entered foods and would love to have access to them. If you are able to give me a general idea how to fix the syncing problem, i can have my husband give it a try....he's much more able to figure this out than i am.
    Thank you :-)
  • ddumontddumont
    ok @sofawoman, you're all set now :)

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