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Getting back on track
  • Hello everyone,

    Is this forum still active these days? Maybe I've missed sth but most discussions seem to be quite old-ish. Anyway, I'm new here and I want to greet everyone from Belgium.

    Today I'm starting (once again...) with the program and i'm so delighted to have found this app! after three successfull times of WW (only went to classes the first time), i've been regurlary "rebooting". This time, I'm headed for a longer ride since I've put on a lot of weight when my husband got sick (he's better now) and my beloved grandfather got sick and died... Also I've been working a lot on body positivity, is that something you guys focus on besides the weight? I'm not doing this for the scales, though I get on them to keep on track. I do this mainly for my own image and my goals are always reachable within my body type and habits etc. This time I'm also trying to retrieve a weight I feel comfortable enough with to finally get pregnant, because I fear the feeling I'd have adding some more weight on.

    So, I hope other people here are also looking for someone to share thoughts and tricks with. Share story and encourage each other.


    (oh by the way; i'm a vegetarian- no meat, no fish, diary yes- this program is one of very few that works perfect with my habits and morals)
  • ddumontddumont
    @siendubois Hey there!

    People post on here every now and then. I keep an eye on things to answer questions and stuff :) Let me know if you need anything.

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