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Pondering new features in WWDiary... what do you think?
  • ddumontddumont
    I've recently been wanting to add to the features of wwdiary, but many of the things I want to do cost money. Money for hosting, using other services, and hardware to test things on.

    One possible solution to this I've thought of was to introduce some of these features in "premium" mode. For instance, for $1 a month, I can host your database backups (1 a week for 1 month) so that you can always restore them from my server.

    Would any of you wwdiary users be interested in features like this?
  • I would love to see the scanner link to the product and it's points value. I would pay for a premuim service.
  • I love your app! I was so disappointed when I joined WW last week and learned that the Android and iPhone apps were totally different. I expected more but thanks to you I can do almost everything my iPhone friends can to stay on track. Your app made my week so premiums for a price would be fine.
  • ddumontddumont
    saapple said:

    I would love to see the scanner link to the product and it's points value. I would pay for a premuim service.

    This is also something I've been hoping to include. The cost to me of doing this is considerable, and I would definitely need to have a subscription cost (it's a recurring cost to me as well). But if enough people were willing to pay, it could be done.
  • TopTop
    I would love if I could track my water intake for a day independant of a food item.
  • ddumontddumont
    @Top That's a bit off topic, if you feel strongly about that can you post a new discussion on the topic so that others can comment without impacting thread?
  • I would love to see the dpa left in the notification bar each day, so that we don't have to open the app each time.
  • ddumontddumont
    @glor68 there is a widget you can put on your home screen that will do that.
  • Where can I find them & how do I install? I have been looking, but am unsuccessful. Thx!
  • tessler65btessler65b
    Member, Tester, VIP
    To install a widget on a screen, long press in an empty spot (the DPA widget takes two slots side by side).

    You should be prompted with an "Add to Home" or similar display with a list of items you can add to the screen. "Widget" should be one of those. Tap it to select it.

    You will be presented with a list of widgets. Scroll through the list until you find "Points Widget" in the list. Tap it. It will appear on the screen where you longpressed as long as there is room for it there.
  • tessler65btessler65b
    Member, Tester, VIP
    Once you have the widget placed where you want it on the screen (you can longpress and drag it around to place it somewhere else or remove it completely), you can tap the widget to go into your food diary instead of tapping the WWDiary icon.
  • ddumontddumont
    @glor68 If you do not see the widget in the list of available widgets, it may be because you have installed the app on your sdcard. To access the widget you'll need to move the app to your phone and restart the phone. It should then be available.
  • Thx I would have never found it!! It is now successfully installed. Love this app!
  • I would pay for the scanner function entering the ni and figuring the points. I'm not so sure about the back up option, but would consider other premium option.
  • I concur that linking the Barcode scanner with the actual point value would be very helpful. Would also like to be able to scan and add an item without using it that day. I have noticed that if I scan something new, then remove it from that day - it removes the entire item unless I actually log it.
    My work around is to go to a day in the distant past and add it there, so it doesn't impact the current day's points.
  • I have used WW for many years. This is the best app ever! I have already lost 9 lbs. And Im on my way!
    I used to have a similar app on the old Palm III. He had to quit due to legal concerns raised by the WW company. I was so devastated. I hope this wont happen again.
    I would be willing to pay a premium for any cool stuff that you dream up. You da bom, canofsleep!
    Thanks a mil and im sending you some dough the Lo Cal green kind.
  • First, I want to thank you for creating an awesome and very useful app. One addition I'd like to see is a graphic representation or even just a report of the percentage break down of my daily/weekly fat to protien to dietary fiber to carbs.
  • I would like a week to week total of ww points to track the month. I was using calorie counter until the dropped ww points. The scanner was a nice feature ...I have download a scanner that calculates ww points but would pay to have it included in this diary. The water/veg/oil counter isn't working for me at this point. Not sure what to do. Thanx for this. I have used it for a couple weeks comparing with others (some paid) and have kept this one.
  • ddumontddumont
    Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions!

    @frogge, in order to add food items, you have to tie them to a food item you are entering. Consider them food attributes. A carrot would log as 0 points, but would have 1 veg for example.

    There's also instructions in the user manual linked in the top right of the site.
  • My three wishes:

    - a way to skip 'number of items' screen from favorites, e.g. via double-tap
    - an easier way to enter weight data, e.g. like in Libra app
    - weighted average graphs as proposed in The Hacker's Diet, can also be found in Libra.

    While I would not pay a monthly fee, I'd be happy to pay $10 for a streamlined app with these features. I'd pay that again each year as long as the interface is minimal and allows for quickest item entry.
  • BertBert
    Instead of the standard barcode scanner, use the WWbarscanner app. It plugs in the points automatically

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