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Beer - Nutrition Info doesn't match points
  • This if more of a WW question than one about this app but I'm hoping some of you WW veterans can help since I just started the program.

    The ni for a light beer (Yuengling Light specifically) calculates to a PointsPlus value of "1". But WW lists "Beer, Light" as "3". Which value should I use? ...and do their (WW) calculations not consider any of the SUPER-Light beers out now?
  • tessler65btessler65b
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    ALWAYS use WW points values for alcoholic beverages.

    Weight Watchers worked with manufacturers and ran all alcoholic beverages through a special calculator because the label doesn't have enough information to properly calculate the points values for alcoholic beverages. Points values vary based on alcohol content.
  • ddumontddumont
    The app may one day support entering in alcohol and computing a point value. It's not there yet, so please use the WW site for point info on foods you know have alcohol and sugar alcohols.
  • There is a way to calculate alcohol. It requires some work with calories, carbs, fat (usually 0), and protein (usually 0). The purpose is to find a nuber to put into the "fat" box of your Points Plus calculator.
    Once you've got the hang of it, it makes sense. And, once it's in your WW Diary, you don't have to keep figuring out the formula!
    Here's how it goes:

    1) Multiply the total carbs by 4 – this gives you calories from carbs
    2) Multiply the total fat by 9 - this gives you calories from fat
    3) Multiply the total protein by 4 - this gives you calories from protein

    4) Add all 3 numbers to get calories not from alcohol
    (carbs*4) + (fat*9) + (protein*4)

    5) Subtract calories not from alcohol from the total calories – this leaves you with calories from alcohol
    (Calories - [(carbs*4) + (fat*9) + (protein*4)] = calories from alcohol

    6) Divide calories from alcohol by 7 – this gives you alcohol grams
    (Calories - [(carbs*4) + (fat*9) + (protein*4)]

    7) Add alcohol grams to the total fat in the drink (often 0) to get the "fat" for your calculations.

    8) Now use your WW Diary Calculator:
    “Fat” Box --> Alcohol Grams + Fat
    “Carbs” Box --> Actual Carbs
    "Fiber" Box --> Actual Fiber (probably 0)
    "Protein" Box --> Actual Protein (probably 0)

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