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  • mimimimi
    I love the app. Its better than the weight watchers one they just put out for androids. The only thing that doesnt work is the water...veggie..selection...or am I doing something wrong?
  • Same here.
  • Figured it out. When adding a food item you grab the blue tab at the bottom of your page. Tap one of the icons (which ever value u want to give that food item) for example food coffee point 0 (grab blue tab) touch water icon then ok. You will then see 1/6. Do not use back bottom just pull the tab back down.
  • tessler65btessler65b
    Member, Tester, VIP
    That is correct. As you enter foods, you associate that food with water, veggie, oil, and/or dairy using the blue slider. Then as you eat that food again later, the app remembers and automatically updates your counters at the top.
  • I can't get this to work. What am I doing wrong??? I have tried typing "water", then touch "next", then It asks me for the points value, & my only option is to touch the "done" button. After that I can slide the blue tab open but I can't get the water bottle to associate with the water entry. Can someone post a very detailed "step by step"so I can figure out what I am messing up. Thanks.
  • tessler65btessler65b
    Member, Tester, VIP
    From the diary screen:

    1. Tap the chicken leg button to add a new food.
    2. Type "Water" in the Food Item blank.
    3. Type "0" (zero) in the Points blank.

    3a. At this point on my HTC Desire phone, I have to tap back into the Food Item blank to get the text keyboard to reappear and replace the numeric keyboard.
    3b. Next, I have to tap the button to make the text keyboard disappear. This gives me access to the two buttons and the blue slider at the very bottom of the screen.

    4. Below the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons is a blue slider. Tap and drag the slider toward the top of the screen to open it.
    5. Select the appropriate category - water, veggie, dairy, oil - and the number of servings of each item that ONE serving of your food item will account for.
    6. Tap and drag the blue slider back toward the bottom of the screen to close it.
    7. Tap the "OK" button to add the food to your diary.

    At this point, your screen should be displaying your food diary entries. The new food you just entered should be last in the list, and the appropriate food category or categories above the list should be updated to 1/x.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks! This helped me!!!
  • oh my, thanks sooo much, i am in my 3rd week and just thought this feature did'nt work, but it does and its great! Great app :)

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