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New calc doesn't have a place for calories... huh?
  • Hello, love the app, already sent $10.00 in appreciation for this awesome app! Here's my question:
    I followed momentum plan but have now decided to self-follow the new points plus program.
    My question is when I enter a food in the WWdairy I noticed when entering the food stats it only asks for FAT, CARBS, PROTEIN, & FIBER. WHERE DO U PUT IN THE CALORIES??????
    Please explain. Is there something I am missing with the new plan?
  • tessler65btessler65b
    Member, Tester, VIP
    The new PointsPlus plan is based on fat, carbs, protein and fiber in a food. Calories are not a part of the new PointsPlus calculation.

    My suggestion to you would be to stick with Momentum unless you want to pay WW for a few meetings to get updated on the new plan before you start using it. They totally revamped everything--the food points calculations, the DPA and WPA and AP calculations, everything. You also cannot mix the two plans in any way, shape, fashion or form and have success because the formulas for calculating food and DPA are so different.

    You have to throw out everything you know about Momentum and completely embrace PointsPlus when you make the change.
  • I would love to do that, follow the new plan, so I guess I will be signing up for WW soon.
  • Thank u for your prompt respons!
  • ddumontddumont
    Good luck! :)

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