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repeated vibrating on handset (Droid X)
  • I recently upgraded to a replacement phone w gingerbread and redownloaded the app. Now once I open it there is a vibration in the handset approx every 30 sec., even when on silent. How can I make it stop?
  • ddumontddumont
    My app doesn't do anything with notifications or the vibrate API. Are you sure it's my app?
    I've used a droidx with my app before and i've never seen this. I'll try to see if I can get one with gingerbread on it.
  • I just downloaded the app yesterday, and today it has started vibrating as described above. I believe it's only when I'm in the app. I have tried ringer off, on vibrate, or regular - same behaviour. I have the Incredible, haven't done anything re gingerbread so don't think its that...
  • ddumontddumont
    hmm... that's really weird.
    I haven't updated the app in a while I really have no idea what it could be.

    Have you installed anything else recently?, maybe there's a weird interaction...
  • ddumontddumont
    Has anyone been able to tie this down any further? Does it happen only with this app?
    Does it happen when opening my app without doing anything else and just leaving it displaying on the main screen?

    Someone sent me a phone log but nothing in there looked suspicious from my app at all. I'll see if I can borrow someone's incredible or droidx to test on. I have a NexusOne with gingerbread and I can't get it to do what you guys are describing.

    Do you guys have google+ installed? I do but I've turned off vibrate notifications. I know google+ has been having some really weird web notification issues, maybe something is happening on handsets too. Can you try going into g+ settings and turning off the vibrate option?

  • I have also been experiencing vibrating from the ww diary app. I've used the app for a long time but the vibrating only started about 1 week ago. Yes, I have the google+ app installed but I just turned off all the notifications uncluding vibrate, i rebooted my phone, and its still buzzing in ww diary.

    Droid x
  • Btw: yes it vibrates from the main screen and when I log my food. It also does it randomly unless I kill the app completely.
  • ddumontddumont
    Someone had mentioned to me that if they did not launch the app through the widget (instead used the icon to launch it) that it did not vibrate, can anyone else confirm?
  • I am having the same vibration issues (Samsung Galaxy S w/ Froyo). It has benn occuring for about a week, and
  • Oops... and only happens on the home screen or food logging screen. It is very annoying, and since the vibrations started if I'm in the app long than about 60sec it will not let me enter foods. The cursor will pop up in the box, and the keyboard will come up, but noting I type shows up in the app. This is happening in both ABC and Number mode. I tried uninstalling, and reinstalling the app, but no luck!
  • Haven't installed any new apps in about 3 weeks, no Google+, and it does continue to vibrate until I manually Force Close the app :(
  • ddumontddumont
    @ArringtonK1 any info regarding the widget launch or launching from the icon in the app drawer?
  • @ddumont, I didn't realize you would respond so quickly, otherwise I would have checked back sooner! Anyway, I did some testing this morning and here's what I found:

    Yes, have installed Google+ recently (a week or two ago?), but that's the only thing. Vibrate notifications are turned off, and I wasn't getting any notifications correctly through that anyway. I uninstalled Google+, and that didn't make a difference in WWDiary vibrating issue. I also just tested again, still no difference after being uninstalled for a few hours.

    I have my WWDiary installed to the SD card. I don't seem to have a widget available, and I believe I read somewhere that it has to be installed to the phone for that. So I'm not going from a widget at all.

    I have an app shortcut that I use to get to it. I tried opening from the list of applications instead, and it still vibrated. I deleted the app shortcut, and still it vibrated.

    It vibrates on today only - I believe. Someone will need to check that from another handset, but I went to yesterday, the next, a few days back - no vibrating. Go back to today - vibrates. Go to tomorrow, next, etc - no vibrating. Back to today - vibrates.

    Overview of today - vibrates. What's New, Settings, [Weight Log, Activity entry, Favorites, Food entry] (both from the day screen and from the menu) - doesn't seem to vibrate. If you go to any of these pages, whenever you hit OK or cancel - basically go back to today - it vibrates. So overview, for me the only page that's vibrating is the Today screen. And it's just one short 'notification' type vibrate, not a long or sustained vibrate.

    Hope that helps! This is a great app :-)
  • Vibrates from all; shortcut, app list, and widget. Vibrates on Today's screen or entering any foods no matter which day. All other screens seem fine...
  • ddumontddumont
    I may have a test version for someone to try soon. I'm not really sure whats causing the vibrate... but it may fix something
  • Ok just got some time for a few more tests. I moved it from SD card to the phone because I wanted to test the widget. But the widget didn't show up on the list.

    I rebooted the phone, tried starting from the app shortcut. Still a vibrate. Removed the shortcut, and added the widget (it shows up after a reboot). DON'T HAVE VIBRATE ANYMORE. Not sure how long it will last, but I'll take it!

    (maybe it has something to do with accessing the SD card? I dunno...)
  • Deleted shortcut and widget, rebooted phone, reset shortcut. Vibrate from shortcut and app list. No Vibrate from widget! Weird!
  • ddumontddumont
    Well this is some good news! @Dreambelle9v @wordywanda
    Do any of the above steps help with the vibrate issues you were experiencing?
  • Hello, I deleted the shortcut (i dont have a widget) and rebooted my phone. I then found ww diary from my main app page and there is still vibrating and I re-added a shortcut and theres still vibrating.
  • ddumontddumont
    @Dreambelle9v did you install the app to your sdcard? can you try moving it back to your phone, rebooting your phone, add the widget and use that to launch?
  • My SD card is empty. :o/

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