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activity pts
  • Activity point can only be used within the day they are earned. Right now the pts earned from activities are treated as a seperate points bank where they are subtracted throughout the week.

    I earn 3 acticity point Monday.
    I do not go over my daily pts allowance.

    I earn no activity point Tuesday.
    I go over my pts allowance by 4 points.
    Program subtracts 3 from activty pts earned and 1 from weekly flex pts.
    The correct calculation would subtract pts ONLY from the flex pts total because the activity points were not earned that day.

    This problem throw off everything if u workout routinely.
  • ddumontddumont
    I am unable to find any documentation that supports activity points being restricted to same day use only.

    I think WW changed it a while back so that they in effect let you earn more weekly points if you worked out.
    If you can find any documentation online I'd be willing to look at it.
  • I was under the same impression as william but I don't loom for sure either. I'll look it up I guess and see?
  • I don't KNOW I meant ;)
  • Okay I just checked the ww website and found that they used to say that you had to use your activity points that day, but once they introduced the momentum program they changed it to let you use your aps throughout the week. Personally, I don't understand the whole thing. I feel like if I run on Monday, it shouldn't help me eat cake on Friday, but that's just me I guess. Online they also say that you use your weekly points first and then your aps. Again, don't get it. I'd think you'd use the points you earned first, but whatever. So according to the site the aps accumulate during the week and reset on your weigh in day. I'll prob just try and figure out how to calculate on my own to use the aps just on the day earned cause it makes the most sense to me.
  • It makes perfect sense to have activity points build up over the week - calories burned are calories burned. Say I burn 3500 calories in a week doing exercise (not impossible at all). Those calories are gone and I've lost weight. But if I then eat the same amount of calories back, I've only consumed what I've burned, so the net change is zero. The near thing about activity points is that they're given back at a lower rate then points you eat, so even if you eat all your activity points, you'll still be at some number of calories burned rather than at a zero balance, which is a good thing.
  • I was told it is best to use your weekly points first and then your activity points. Fortunately the program is flexible enough to allow this.
  • Ok - if the WP or AP went away at a different time, I would understand the order mattering, but am I missing something, neither roll over, so they expire at the same time, so it wouldn't seem to me like it would matter which went first?
  • I have the same doubt and I also thought that activity points should expire in the day they were earned.

    There is no sense to have an option to choose whose points (WP or AP) are spend first if they expire together.

    My suggestion is a option in the settings screen that allow us to choose the way we want spend our activity points.
  • ddumontddumont
    The option to choose which to spend first is there because people requested it. I'm not sure what option you are asking for though.
  • My suggestion is a new option where we can choose if AP expires the day it was earned or expires only in the end of the week.

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