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Questions - lots of questions
  • Whew, it took me forever to find the button to start this new discussion - But at last, here I am:)
    I am sooo excited that I found this app - and can't wait till I'm using it 100% - So here's all my questions:
    How can I import an excel spreedsheet? I'v searched the forum and have found alot of the same type of questions, but the only answer I really found was using sqllite and utf-8, and well, it was a bit "foreign" to me. or is there some easier way then typing on my driod (I'm really not that good with the soft keyboard).

    What is the scan feature really suppose to do? everything I have scanned, just shows the sku number, I still have to type in the description, and all the nutrician info. - and if this is how its suppose to work, then why use it?
    Has there been any thoughts to links? IE - Like I need to find out the nutricianal and or servicing size of something, I could click on the link, to get it? I have to say that one of the best things about your app, is I don't have to turn my mobile data on for it to work, but when I'm home and have access to my wifi, then I could use this link to help fill in the info.....or import the info from????

    I'd like to 2nd/or 3rd the nom for a recipe builder

    I'd also like to volunteer to help gather info for a food db....even if its just the basics, like fruits, vegi's, meats.

    It would be great if I could have found some basic's about the forum - like, how to post a new discussion, does the forum have a request that users search for their answers before starting a new thread, - is there a way to search using date ranges, so you only pull up new valid info? Has the forum thought about creating catagories for the threads, to make it easier to locate info?

    well, until I start using the app more, I guess these are all my qustions

    Thanks for your help
  • ddumontddumont

    There's no data import right now. Like you said you could edit the data yourself with an sqlite editor, but it's certainly not for the average user. It is one area that I would like to improve.

    The scanner does a few things, right now it looks in your phone's database to see if you've scanned it before. If not, it tries to send a request with the barcode to look up information (currently, just item name). If it finds it, that part will be auto filled out and you'll have a chance to edit the name. After you enter all food into and add it to your diary, you can scan it again and it will recall all of the information you've entered in the past.

    Recipe builder will be hard... I'll have to look into it, I don't think WW play by their own rules when building a lot of the recipes... I've seen many values that I just never expected given the food contents.

    I'm working on a way to collect and maintain food information. It will be a pay service (because hosting that much information is going to start costing me way more than just this forum and barcode name lookups) But I'm thinking somewhere on the order of $1/mo, and it will include more features than just a point lookup, I also plan a db sync with my servers and your phone, and forum integration so you can track on the forum here as well (and it syncs back down to your phone).

    Right now the forum is a smallish community, and some members here take time to help me answer questions. Some people do search for questions before they ask (many do not :)... but that's ok, it hasn't gotten out of hand yet. When the community here grows, I'll likely do something to create more categories for discussions.

    If you do have any more questions, fire away here on the forums! :)
  • Thanks DDumont for all your answers - I apologize for not getting back to the forum sooner - time always seems to be elusive for me.

    I actually saw a relatively new post from DClobato, and they gave enough detail, that I might must take a stab at it.

    I also see there's discussion on a subscription plan that would include a food db.....I'm going to read more on this, as this may be a better/smarter solution.

    Not sure/and can't recall if I mentioned this, but Calorie King has all this info and a partnership with them may also be a solution.

    thanks much for all you do AND managing to stay up with the forum at the same time :)

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