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what quantity of water/dairy/veggie counts as a click of the icon?
  • Hi all,

    First time post. Just discovered the application yesterday. I am not a Weight Watchers member, but for my own health (and poor eating habits), I've been looking for an app that makes it easy for me to track food intake. Great app!

    How much quantity of water, veggie, or dairy counts as one unit on the application? I tend to drinks several lattes with 2% milk sweetened with Splenda during the course of the day and don't want to miss out on my "dairy"!
  • Typically "1 serving" of each counts. If I recall right, water is 8 oz, milk 4 oz, veggies about 4 oz, cheese or other dairy is whatever the serving size on the package is.
  • I'd recommend going here: to find out. It lists servings by food group.
  • tessler65btessler65b
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    WW counts 8oz of milk or soymilk, 8oz of yogurt, or 1.5oz hard cheese as one serving of dairy.

    1/2c = veggie or fruit serving unless it is a leafy green (lettuce, spinach, etc.)
    1c = leafy green veggie serving

    Water = 8oz although a few years ago, WW started allowing you to count any liquid (coffee, tea, soda, etc.) toward the "water" requirement.

    1tsp = healthy oil serving (canola, olive, safflower, sunflower, flaxseed). Must be pourable, measurable oils (supplements, nut butters, prepackaged salad dressings, etc. don't count).
  • Good thread. Thanks.

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