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Points Widget Click Behaviour
  • Hi,
    It seems to me that the points widget click behaviour has changed slightly. I think that previously when clicked it would always bring you to the current date for points entry but now its bringing me to the previously set date.

    So if I entered points last night and then go to do new points entry today, I have to manually change the details or click the choice between Display Date / Current date.

    Is this an intentional change or have I missed something?

  • ddumontddumont
    It's not intentional. I've seen this happen to me also.

    It has to do with how Android pauses the app and places it in the background (when you hit home rather than back to exit the app). The previous app state is restored as-is if Android didn't need to kill the app to free up resources.

    I need to add code to check for a date change while I'm paused and update the display date, I've just been busy trying to get out some barcode scanning features.
  • Lovely.


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