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I'm cancelling...
  • I update the diary this morning and it wiped out EVERYTHING on the app. I lost my weight loss tracker, my favorites, my daily menues, all of it. I've tried 10 times to restore the info from my sd card (yes, I save my data daily just for this reason) and the app just keeps force closing!! I subscribed to support improvements on the app. I know it's only $1 a month, but i didnt expect to PAY to have everything I'd hand typed onto the app deleted. Uninstalling the app & unsubscribing. I'm not going to keep paying for an app that just destroyed 3 weeks of records.
  • ddumontddumont
    I'm sorry to see you go.

    I checked the database, and I still see weightlog data for you there. I offer support here on the forum for anyone having trouble with the service, and you're the first person to report data loss.

    If you have database backups, I can help you restore them or troubleshoot what may have happened to your data. If you're willing to address the situation and help me understand what happened I can work with you, but if you just want to cancel and leave then that's your choice.

    I am here to help and support the app though. Let me know.
  • ddumontddumont
    I've reviewed the logs from the sync server and your device has only ever tried to sync once, and it looks like it never completed. Not sure why your data would be gone, but if you have backups, I'm sure that it can be recovered.
  • ddumontddumont
    What kind of phone do you have and what happens when you try to restore backups?

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