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must I use paypal?
  • Is there any other way to subscribe without using paypal? thanks!
  • ddumontddumont
    Yeah, sorry. I looked at google checkout and some others, paypal wasn't easy to integrate with, but they had the best fees for small transactions that I've found, and they are pretty popular.

    The paypal accounts are free and I believe you can link a creditcard and have the subscription bill the card through paypal. But they can confirm that.

    In the future (I don't know how far) I hope to have codes you can buy through paypal without an account that will add time to a subscription so you don't have to be autobilled or have an account. There's so much on my plate though and I don't know when I'll get to that.
  • Oh ok. I just hate using paypal because of the hassle of keeping up with it. I think I just need to bite the bullet and do it. I run across this all the time! haha.
    I am sure you have a lot to do so don't worry about it. I have found WWdiary very helpful in the past and the new add-ons sound really cool, which is why I want to subscribe. thanks!
  • ddumontddumont
    Thanks for supporting wwdiary!
  • I'm the same way. I didn't want to use paypal, and couldn't, because my account had been locked almost 2 years ago for a 20 dollars I owed them for some ebay fees, I guess. I called them and payed them, then found out that I had to call back AGAIN after the payment goes through to unlock the account. I hate that.

    So, long story short, when I finally get around to calling them again, I'm going to subscribe as well.
  • I have my paypal linked to my credit card so it works perfect that way.

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