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wwdiary - version 6.2.8 posted to Android Market
  • ddumontddumont
    It should be making it's way on the Nook store as well. The update is currently pending approval (shouldn't take too long).

    A bunch of bug fixes in this one. Some of these were user reported issues/requests. Thanks for taking the time to fill out a ticket on the issue tracker!

    • You can view total points in the food entry screen now without having to add the food to your list. The serving size will automatically compute the total point cost for the current calculator or point values.
    • Some preferences (those that are not device specific, like font and font size, etc) are now syncable and will persist through database backup/restore and update across devices.
    • Fixed activity calc dialog labels not being readable on some devices.
    • Fixed error in barcode scanning on some devices.
    • Fixed pointlog date picker display in ICS devices.
    • Added fastscroll letter previews in favorites when the list is really long and sorted alphabetically.

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