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new and stuck
  • Hi everyone . I've installed this app only yesterday . I filled out my weight and points for the day . However my points total for the day does not update .
    How do I get this to update ? Also when I try and sign in with the app it says authenticating and does nothing ?
    Any help would be much appreciated .

  • Ok now I have my points adding up . But my weekly points don't add up there just remaining 0 (I'm only on day 2).
    I still cannot login ( I made account using Facebook login )
  • ddumontddumont
    I reset the forum password. You can log in to the forum and use that to set a password of your choice. Use that password when logging in with your phone.

    What do you mean that your weekly points don't add up?
    The display in the top right is used over total. Have you used any weekly points yet?
  • Thanks for your reply . But I still have not got a clue . The new password you issued will not log me in on my phone . I have tried with my user name and my email address .
    Please help .

    Also my wp are not adjusting . So if I was allowed 300 in the week . I still have 0/300 . My daily points are working fine
  • ddumontddumont
    Are you going over all your daily points and using weekly ones?
    The 0 on the top is how many you've used for the week. If you don't go over your daily points, it won't auto adjust to use weeklies or activity.
  • Ahh ok . I thought that added my daily points up for me for the week .
    I still am unable to log in however

    I must add this is a fantastic app . Really impressed . Thanks
  • ddumontddumont
    Hi, I can help you log in, but without an active subscription, there's no point in doing so.

    Remember to type in the password exactly as it was sent to you (case matters!).
    I also recommend changing the password to something you'll remember easier. You can do that from your account profile here on the forum.
  • ddumontddumont
    Also, try logging in with your email address associated with your account (the hotmail one)
  • Ok typical me . Rush in with both feet before reading how things work . I didn't realise there was subscription . I have now read about it and shall subscribe . Thanks
  • ddumontddumont
    Cool. Thanks for supporting wwdiary!
  • Ok I've subscribed . No idea what benefits that brings to me . But I'd like to donate the $1 a month coz it's such a good app . Thanks
  • ddumontddumont

    The benefits you get are some online access to your data (top right of the forum)
    And multi device sync (along with easier restore for device migrations) And anything else I add in the future that requires the subscription.
  • Hi

    I've scanned a barcode . Entered the details and the app gave me the points. However I hAve just rescanned it and it failed to bring it up . Is there a time delay in the database update
  • ddumontddumont
    Did you keep the food in your point log before scanning it again?
    What food was it?
    Can you send me a picture of the barcode?
    Did you get an error message?
  • Yes kept the food in log . It was just a tin of Heinz alphabetti 200 grames that worked out at 3 poInts .I didn't get an error message .

  • ddumontddumont
    Only thing I can think of is that the barcodes on the different tins were a bit different...
    Are they different flavors?
  • It wad the same tin I scanned . Just to check it stored it . But it didn't . Will try again later with some others

  • This is the item that wont seem to save

  • ddumontddumont
    Thanks, I'll look in to it.
  • ddumontddumont
    Ok I need to investigate some other issues before I can track down this barcode (which I can verify is not in the database)

    I'm not seeing any user data for you in the database (which, if you were the first person to scan it, should be there). Have you gone through the steps to set up the sync account? (Including responding to the notification about the sync conflict?)

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