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Reset active points every day
  • I was instructed to consume the active points only on the day they were generated.
    The app accumulate these points and reset it in a new week.
    It is possible to reset it every day?
    How can I do this?
  • ddumontddumont
    Right now there is no option for that, you could suggest it over on the issue site (link in the upper right).

    It would be helpful though if you could point me to some literature where WW suggests that you do this, because everything I've seen lets you eat it during the week.
  • Thanks for your reply so quickly.
    I have not read anything about it, just heard at the meeting, so I could be wrong.
    I'm in the second week and will receive specific material about active points at the next meeting. I will bring new observations.
  • ddumontddumont
    There's an open issue on the issue tracker for this request. If you find any more info on the subject please add it to the ticket:

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