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Adding Second Device (Tablet)
  • I currently pay for the subscription and tried connecting my wwdiary to my android tablet. I made the mistake of selecting "replace all remote data with local data (you want this option) ". I already have this option setup on my android phone.

    I removed the account from my tablet and set it up again but it never asked me the same question so I am assuming it is saved somewhere on the tablet and I cant find where to change the option so that my tablet and phone will sync data.

    Please help
  • ddumontddumont
    So when you replaced the remote data with your local data, it should have turned off the sync relationship with your phone. Tell your phone to try to sync and you'll get a sync error.

    Resolve the sync error by choosing the same option, replace remote data with data on your phone. Then go back to your tablet and force sync again. You should get the same thing, a sync error. Resolve that error by telling it to replace the local data, and it should be all set.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. (I'd also take a backup on your phone just in case)

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