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  • Hello ddmont,

    you had this discussion in 2010 with rybgood.

    " I tried out the point allowance calculator, but points calculated were different (lower) than what was suggested at WW for points plus. So, I then used the manual entry point allowance option, entered the WW suggested point total, and saved. Unfortunately, the manual entry did not show up in the daily menu entry page. The old calculation is still there. Fyi. Love the app. "

    Now I have the same problem that the points are different. Have you already find a solution ??? I have just print out the manuell and I`m working on it. What`s about the scanner ? Do I have to lock in somewhere to be able to use it.

    Looking forward to your reply and thanks a lot for this app.

    Best regards
  • ddumontddumont
    Try entering the food again, fill out the name and open the calculator and choose to clear the values, then manually enter the point value in the points field.

    Let me know how it goes.

    The scanner feature will work for you without a subscription but it won't look up new foods it will only remember things you've previously scanned and added to your log. Good for quick entry.

    If you want a lookup feature it's part of the subscription, along with multi-device sync and some limited but expanding (soon) website access.

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