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Question about calculating points
  • I have a question. Ill explain as best as I can. For instance, points for 4 pieces of hard candy is 1. If I only eat 2, it is 0 points. So if I eat 2 more later in the day is that entered separately as 0 points or added in to the existing 2 I ate earlier therefore being 1 point for the day? Does that make sense? Does anyone know the answer?
  • ddumontddumont
    At such low point values, fractions of a serving can make the calculator go a bit screwy... I would (since the goal is to lose weight) enter the serving in for the 4 pieces after eating them so that the calculator would count the points against the day instead of 2 entries of 0 each.
  • Thanks for the input. That is the way I have been doinging it just wondered if anyone knew for sure how WW would do it. My sister was a member before and she wasnt sure of the answer so I decided to ask about it here..
    Still looking anxiously forward to the abilty to input points log and food eaten directly into web interface since I now have an Iphone. I still use the weight log online. Cant wait to get back to using your point log but until there is also web input for it, I am using a piece of paper and/or an iphone app ( that I REALLY dislike). I would be willing to pay for it or pay more than $1 a mo if needed to support that function.
    Keep up the great work!
  • ddumontddumont
    That capability is coming! I just finished porting all of the weightlog stuff over to the new framework and will start work shortly on the pointlog portion.

    There won't be an increase in the subscription cost, thought there will be new ways to pay for it. Once I finish the pointlog I'll be setting up multi-month subscription codes you can buy with a credit card so that paypal accounts are no longer necessary.

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