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Keep Staying The Same!
  • Hi I have been on the pro points now for four weeks and lost 4 pound. However I lost 2 pound the first week, then nothing the following week, then 2 pound again and finally nothing this week. I did the old points system years ago and lost 2 pound every week without fail and also had a large loss the first week which didn't happen on pro points.

    I normally use my weekly points and never go over my allowance and do some light exercise.

    Is anyone else having problems? Should I go back to the old points system? Stick to Pro Points but not use the weekly points? Or exercise even more?


  • ddumontddumont
    My wife ran into the same issue, and varying the type of exercise she was doing helped out.
  • I found that setting a goal for exercise points every week as part of my program helped me get past that first plateau. Didn't matter how I got there, I just had to meet the goal. That meant I mixed it up, took 10 minute walks for the points whenever I could, always looking for a way to get a point here and there. If I got lazy early in the week, then a sustained vigorous hike or workout was the only way to get to my goal of 20 points per week. It has really helped me focus equally on being fit as well as making smarter, healthier food choices.

    Next plateau I'll probably not "eat" the exercise points. I find I have to shake it up every so often or my body quickly adapts - a reality of being in the 50+ age bracket.

    This week's quote: Everything is within walking distance. The only question is how much time do you have to get there and back.
  • I plateau every once in a while too. I am good at staying under my allowance and rarely exercise lol. But in the long run its been awesome
    Nice girls finish last but the reward is greater.
  • This is an issue I ran into myself. Pro didn't seem to move as fast as the old system but I stuck with it and the pounds started coming off. At my most recent plateau I started charging myself 1 point per fruit (instead of free). A cost of 1 point isn't enough to discourage me from eating (another) banana but it did cut down on the total points I ate.
  • I have now lost 54lbs since August 2012 and find that the propoints plan, if used properly can give a good steady weight loss. I would just ensure that you are calculating all of your foods properly and that includes when you double or triple a food item. Personally, I use decimal figures for ALL of my food, even though WW dont tell us too. I believe this gives a more accurate account of food intake and I personally like things to be exact. So, one slice of bread might be say...2.8 pps so two slices would be 5.6pps. The problem occurs when a food is say....1.2 pps which is rounded down to 1pp, however if you were to eat 5, 6 or 7 of that item, then you would have to increase the pps proportionately, which many people dont. I say 5,6 or 7 portions, which might be the case if you were eating a cracker/ryvitia type food.

    Ps, I always weigh, measure and double check all points, even if the packaging tells you the PPs.

    Good luck x
  • You will lose slower on the new plan than you did on the old. Weight loss should be slow - you're more likely to maintain that way. Make sure you are getting your Good Health Guidelines in: 2 oil, 2 dairy, 5 fruit/veggies, vitamin, etc. And make sure that you are weighing and measuring faithfully.

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