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Ireland and UK ProPoints
  • First of all, thanks for such a great app! It's brilliant, and the synchronisation is just the cherry on the top!

    I searched, and I couldn't find any details about the ProPoints system (the system in use since 2011 in Ireland / November 2010 in UK). In case anybody needs it, here's the custom formula to calculate the ProPoints in a food item:
    Round(((16 * protein) + (19 * carbs) + (45 * fat) + (5 * fiber)) /175)

    If you're as obsessive/curious as I am, then here's a formula that will tell you the value of the propoints with the first figure after the decimal point. E.g. it'll show whether something with 11 points is really something rounded up from 10.5 or down from 11.4 or whatever is in between:
    (Round(((((16 * protein) + (19 * carbs) + (45 * fat) + (5 * fiber)) /175)*10))/10)
  • ddumontddumont
    Glad to hear you like it! Thanks for the formula :)

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