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wwdiary - version 6.1.0 posted to Android Market
  • ddumontddumont
    Tons of performance and ui updates including:
    • Just like most of Google's apps (like reader), swipe the entire pointlog left and right to change days. Date change buttons have been removed.
    • Tapping date in pointlog will now launch a date picker to easily jump to a specific date. As always, longpressing the date will return to "today".
    • New, thinner handwriting font to choose from in settings ("Loved by the King"). Let me know what you think!
      For non-English languages, this new font should display much better than the old one ("Snake")
    • Massive performance improvements when adding foods and recalculating bonus point usage.
    • New action bar, starting to support features in the new version of android for phones and tablets.
      Note: you can reverse the order of the actions in the action bar in settings.
    • Hardware acceleration turned on for Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich devices.
    • Removed asking for a permission (read phone state) that I was not using anymore.
  • I just discovered your app this week and it is awesome! Thank you very much:)
  • I just downloaded this app!
  • I used this app in the past with the momentum plan used in 2009. I am returning to ww this year to lose 10 more pounds. Thank you so much for this helpful app!!!! Love it! :)
  • I also love your app. It is so easy to use. I started my journey in May 2010 and found your app. in July. 57 pounds later ... I could never have done it without your program.

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