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Points Calculation is different from Weight Watchers'.
  • I am new to wwdiary, and a current member of WW, trying to see if this site/app will work for me. However, I have found at least one item in which the points calculated by WW are different from those calculated by wwdiary. (Ex: Lucerne Colby Jack Cheeses comes up as 4pts. from WW and only 3pts. from wwdiary.) Can anyone tell me why this is, or if there is a way to make it more accurate to WW formula?
  • ddumontddumont
    I've noticed a few differences as well. Before they had their app it was more apparent that they had tweaked point values of food based on some internal criteria. They sold little point calculators that would output values pretty much equal to what wwdiary now uses.

    With the apps and their website, you mostly just look up foods now. They all have pre-assigned values that may differ from the formula a little, but that's what they give them.

    You can always enter in the points values manually for foods, and it will save that value for when you enter in the food again.
  • KC66KC66
    Usually the difference is brand-related, and / or connected to things like alcohol etc where points calculators don't include the WAY the food is burned or something. If the book has a higher value for a specific brand of an item, I tend to enter manually.

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